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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Antique Mirrors For Your Beautiful Home

Antique Mirrors For Your Beautiful HomeNormally, it is the frame more than the mirror itself that raise the antique value of a mirror. In way, one can even assert safely that antique mirror frames were the manifestations of fully developed branch of artistic expression.

Antique mirror is an ornamental silvered glass mainly made use of as a part of interior decoration. The process of producing glass comprises carefully changing the regularity of depositing the metal on the glass. Apart from its decorative aspects, an antique mirror brings out a soft and peaceful reflection, which adds a soothing sense to the ambient light levels inside.

From the ancient times, mirror frames used to get lot of artistic attention. Mirrors were always used not just for its mundane utility purpose, but as a value enhancing item to improve the look of the interiors. Hence, while the mirror satisfies mostly the utility aspect, the frame adds beauty to the surrounding. It is the frame design that provides the antique mirror look to a mirror. Such frames, therefore invariably are handcrafted. With elaborate carvings, delicate inlay works, and embossed patterns, antique mirror designs are magnificent in looks and exceptional in form. In this way, any formless or frameless mirror can be transformed into a timeless beauty and a beautiful art piece. It is done by framing the edges of the mirror with artistically handcrafted frame using wood, metal, glass or such items.

Antique mirror frames are crafted for various decors and design schemes. Whether mirror is hand crafted or otherwise, a beautifully crafted frame can give a complete facelift to it. Finally, a polishing finish is given to the mirror frame. It may be involving a coat of varnish or paint. The preferred finishes are dutch gold, copper or aluminum.

The mirror frames used to give the antique finish to a mirror are by and large made out of silver, wrought iron, wood, or glass. These are usually are decorated with embroidered work to make it eye catching. Some of the common and leading shapes are oval, round and rectangular. Simple borders are also common along with complex designs and patterns.

The traditional mirrors produced by some of the famous mirror produces would definitely highlight any modern room d(c)cor. It can be a wall or a cheval mirror, the design does justice to the traditional tastes.

In the discussion about antique mirrors, a mention of Aranmula 'kannadi' or Aranmula metal mirror is highly proper.

Aranmula metal mirror is the result of a distinct mirror making tradition of Kerala, in South India. This tradition was originated in sixteenth century at the village of Aranmula. Its uniqueness is that the reflective properties of this mirror cast in an un-named alloy mixed with 33% tin and copper are equal, if not much better than the advanced modern day glass mirror.

The mystery that surrounds this mirror is stemmed from the fact that the exact metals used in this alloy are never divulged by the families who make these mirrors.

The British museum situated in London displays 18 inch long Aranmula metal mirror.

Antique mirror frames are crafted for various decors and design schemes. Whether mirror is hand crafted or otherwise, a beautifully crafted frame can give a complete facelift to it. Finally, a polishing finish is given to the mirror frame. It may be involving a coat of varnish or paint. The preferred finishes are dutch gold, copper or aluminum.

Monday, October 15, 2018

And You Thought That A 2 Dollar Bill Is Not Real Money

And You Thought That A 2 Dollar Bill Is Not Real MoneyWhen we go to a store many of us pay for our goods by cash if we don't have our credit cards with us. We are very familiar with the different money values that we see regularly. There is one type of money bill that is seen very rarely. This is the 2 dollar bill and because it is hardly ever used or seen there are many stories that have developed around this bill.

These urban legends or folktales have all inspired the myth that the 2 dollar bill is not what you would consider as being real money. For this reason when people see a 2 dollar bill they will either regard it as being a fake money bill or they will decide that it is so rare that they need to possess this bill.

Even though you will not see the 2 dollar bill all that much, there are some of these 2 dollar bills in circulation. In many cases the 2 dollar bill has become a collector's item for the people who come across it. When this happens the 2 dollar bill starts to disappear from public sight. It is only when there is a serious shortage of 2 dollar bills that the Federal Money Reserve will start printing a new batch.

What this means is that because there are not many people using these dollar bills there is no real need to print out a large amount of 2 dollar bills. As this is the case the amount of 2 dollar bills that you can find are consider as being used by various businesses is very small.

Since the 2 dollar bill is not thought of as being part of the monetary system there are few facilities for shops and other places to accept the 2 dollar bill. Instead you will find that various other items have been placed in the sections where the 2 dollar bill needs to go. There is another problem that you may run into when you try to use a 2 dollar bill. As so very few people have heard of a 2 dollar bill much less seen one, they may think that you are trying to play some type of game with them.

There are still others who may feel that you are spending fake money. Therefore if you do come across a 2 dollar bill you might want to hang on to it until you can exchange it at the bank where they will not look at you funnily!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

An Arm Sling - Reasons to Wear, How To Wear And How To Choose

An Arm Sling - Reasons to Wear, How To Wear And How To ChooseAny kind of injury is painful to us. Whether the injury is a deep cut or bruises, it always hurts. But when the injury is a broken bone, the pain is unbearable and this pain can be better explained by the ones who have actually experienced it in their lives. Generally, those who suffer from a fracture on their shoulders, wrist or elbow, are recommended to wear arm slings for protection as well as comfort. A sling helps us to keep our arm in place without letting it move too much. It basically helps in healing.

Reasons for wearing an arm sling


When you have a fractured shoulder, or a fractured wrist or elbow, you may be recommended to wear an arm sling. In case of fracture, no matter which part of the body, it is very essential not to move that part of your body to ensure proper healing of the bone. As said earlier, the arm sling helps your arm to keep it in place against your body and that helps in faster healing.

Shoulder Surgery:

If you have gone through any kind of surgery on or around your shoulder, you may need a sling so as to stop the shoulder muscles from contracting and upsetting the process of healing. Slings not only heal, but it also provides comfort to your arms and prevents it from too much pain.


Strokes sometimes may lead to arm or leg paralysis or even both. In that situation, when you are unable to move your arm freely, it may be painful to you as your arms are hanging. However, on using a sling, it will provide support to your arm, and will save you from the pain you were encountering initially.

How to wear?

It is very important to wear a sling properly. This will prevent the blood and fluid accumulation in your hand or wrist. Along with that, wearing it properly can increase your comfort level too.

So how to wear an arm sling properly? Lets look at the following points:

You need to pull the sling over your elbow and arm. Make sure it is well-fitted and comfortable in and around your arms. Check that whether your hand is coming to the slings end or not. Wear it carefully so that its end doesnt cut into your hand or wrist.

Get hold of the strap attached to the arm sling that is behind your elbow. Try to pull the strap to tighten it so that your hand will be close to your chest, above your elbow level. This will help in proper blood circulation in your wrist and hand.

Some arm slings come with an elastic thumb loop providing added support to your hand and preventing fatigue.

Things to keep in mind while buying an arm sling

These days, arm slings are much more innovative than older days. If you really want your injury to heal fast and if you are in need of comfort, then choosing a correct sling is a must.

Always check the fabric of the sling pouch while buying. The fabric should be breathable to increase the airflow and diminish building up of moisture. The fabrics of an ergonomic arm sling are of the best quality which is very light and comfortable.

If the fabric quality will be good, then the sling will also be lightweight. A light-weight sling will prevent your shoulder and neck muscles from getting cramped and fatigued.

The strap should be well-padded to provide extra comfort. It should be made up of neoprene, which is an excellent shock absorber and also provides comfort all day. It is not only breathable but light too.

Look out for those arm slings which comes with a front facing Velcro adjuster. It will help you to adjust the strap on your own, without taking anyones help.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool Construction

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool ConstructionThere is no summer activity as refreshing and relaxing as taking a dip in the water or just lounging beside a spectacular swimming pool. Aside from its physical fitness benefits, a stunning swimming pool delivers fun factor to ones life and adds aesthetical value to the property.

A swimming pool is an ultimate amenity that one could have in their home. To enjoy the never-ending benefits of a swimming pool, you also might want to install a swimming pool at your house.

Most of the pools are very similar in shape, design, and looks and you might want to install a one of a kind, never seen before, custom-made swimming pool in your property as every pool tells a lot about their owners choice,
personality, and lifestyle. For your own custom swimming pool construction, you must find the best custom pool builders near you.

Custom pool construction is not a new concept as from old times people asked for something different to install at their homes. To keep up with the clients demand, custom pool constructors came up with a variety of custom designs and installed them to increase the beauty of the property.

Why do people want to install a customized swimming pool?

Of course, there are amazing benefits of custom pools and thats why people are more and more into custom pool construction these days than ever before.

So, lets find out the wonderful benefits of a customized swimming pool:

Health and Fitness

Swimming is an amazing all-around sport and fitness activity. It is considered as one of the best low impact exercise to keep your body fit and healthy; it works on several different muscles at the same time to ensure a full body workout at once. Swimming one hour burns more calories and fat than exercising for the same amount of time in the gym. Moreover, swimming improves your blood circulation and lungs function.


Whats more relaxing than spending some time and lounging beside your custom made, magnificent swimming pool? Nothing. After a long tiring day of work or a stressful meeting, a cool, refreshing dip can restore your energy and do wonder on your overall serenity. Additionally, a quiet, serene swim in the cold water will help you to calm down your nerves and sleep better later on.

Increase in Aesthetical Value

A custom swimming pool construction not only delivers you with great physical benefits but also helps to increase the aesthetical value of your property by several notches. With an intricately built, one of a kind swimming pool, you can turn your otherwise plain yard into a beautiful oasis. This swimming pool not only adds to the beauty factor but at the same time increases the monetary value of your house.

Fun Family Timing

A custom pool construction at your place helps you to socialize more often than not. You can lounge with friends and family at the poolside over a chilled glass of margarita or throw a pool-side party; either way, you can have your loved one gathered together to enjoy some quality time.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Aluminium Furniture Why I'll Never Buy Iron Again!

Aluminium Furniture Why I'll Never Buy Iron Again!Outdoor furniture is the ideal place to relax especially on weekends and holidays. Many people want stylish outdoor furniture as an escape from the cares of life. And there is complete joy and fun in sitting at an outdoor lounge or table with umbrellas for shade.

You can buy patio furniture or outdoor furniture made from plastic, wood, wicker or aluminum or iron furniture. One should consider the factors such as the sturdy nature, the ability to withstand the effects of weather, the design options, and the fading characteristic of the material used to make the outdoor furniture before buying. Apparently, iron furniture has more problems than aluminium furniture.

The Problem with Iron Furniture

Iron outdoor furniture shows more wear. The moment the weather attacks the furniture made from iron, your furniture will start to fade in color.

The stress corrosion cracking in iron furniture: There are areas in iron metal furniture which receive stress during metal working. When the stressed areas become exposed to a corrosive environment, your furniture will look rusty and unattractive.

Rust: The rusting of iron is the most common form of chemical corrosion of that can affect wrought iron. Rusting in iron furniture may occur when your unprotected iron metal is exposed the oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere. Moisture can be in the form of rain, humidity, dew, or condensation. Even carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds, airborne salts, can intensify the corrosion of your outdoor iron furniture.

Why I Prefer Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Abundant styles to choose from: Aluminium outdoor furniture can be shaped, molded, and colored into just about any design, making it a good choice for those who want something classic and good-looking fair weather or bad weather. Trendy aluminium designs will include patio living space furniture, patio dining chairs, outdoor bar stools, and patio dining tables.

Cast aluminum furniture never rusts: The Aluminium metal is the longest-lasting will stay new-looking for ages. If you really want your patio or garden furniture to last forever and have some resale value, pay for quality aluminium outdoor furniture. Outdoor aluminium furniture is ideal for areas with high moisture level, the coastal cities, or regions with high humidity.

Aluminium is exceptionally durable: Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is solid, exceptionally sturdy, and designed to endure the weather. Aluminum may last up to 50 years of constant use.

Low maintenance costs: Maintaining your aluminium is easy as you can rinse off dirt and stubborn stains with a garden hose, a little warm water, and soap. There are no other upkeep costs for the aluminium furniture.

Affordable, sturdy and stable: Cast aluminum furniture is cheap and will never bend or break.

Available in almost any color: If you can ask for aluminium outdoor furniture made using powder coating technology, you will enjoy endless color choices. Cast aluminum furniture is also available with textured finishes for those who prefer a more aged look and feel.

Works with or without cushions: Aluminum outdoor furniture collections may be used without cushions. You will only add a cushion on the aluminum furniture when you need to improve the comfort or flair.

Its light than most furniture. Aluminium outdoor furniture is light enough to be easily moved and lifted.