Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Is It A Scam

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Title : Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Is It A Scam
link : Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Is It A Scam

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Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Is It A Scam

Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Is It A

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Is the Carbon Copy Pro system a scam or a legitimate
business opportunity? This article will give you an
unbiased view of the system.

Marketer Jay Kubassek has come forward with a lofty goal
for his newly launched Internet sales system Carbon Copy
Pro. He intends to develop 100 new millionaires over the
next five years. Is it possible? It is a very aggressive

There were hundreds, even thousands of entrepreneurs that
achieved this goal related to the dot com boom. The
internet revolutionized the business industry and padded
business owner's pockets. The dot com boom busted in the
'90s, but what remained was a wealth of high tech, modern
technology. The second wave of internet success is now upon
us. With this new era brings a more realistic outlook armed
with proven technologies. There is a major online movement
taking place with internet marketing. Entrepreneurs are
laying solid foundations to earn millions online.

Jay Kubassek, already a successful salesperson, focused on
creating a complete selling system. What he came up with
combined the capabilities of modern technology with the
latest Web 2.0 applications.

The system that Jay created attempts to eliminate a lot of
the guesswork from sales and marketing. Kubassek has tried
to throw out the human variable in sales by trying to step
around having to do personal selling, cold calling, and
lead generation.

While you have to admire the effort, what no one will ever
be able to do is remove the human element from sales. There
are very personal and emotional components that go into a
person's decision to buy. People don't buy from systems.
They buy from real people. If there truly was a 100%
automated system that existed like this on the internet,
everyone would be wealthy. The hard truth is that selling
and marketing online involves branding yourself and what
you have to offer.

Carbon Copy Pro works as a funnel system into the program
Wealth Masters International. Monthly advertising dollars
paid from members of the Carbon Copy Pro system are spent
to generate leads. Most people interested in getting
started with a home business opportunity are going to want
to talk to the person of the website that they are
investigating before they join. Once again, it goes back to
that personal touch issue. You just can't get that from a
replicated system that hundreds of people are utilizing as
a face plant.

While the Carbon Copy Pro system is not a scam, some of the
claims might be inflated. It is too early to tell whether
or not Jay Kubassek will reach his goal of creating 100 new
millionaires in the next 5 years. The honest truth that
any successful internet marketer will tell you is that
achieving success online requires educating yourself, not
being afraid of the phone, and a lot of hard work and

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Brian McCoy is a six figure earner and one of the top
income earners in the home business industry. Brian works
with entrepreneurs around the world. He devotes the time,
energy, and effort into his team and works with them to
ensure their success.

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