Office Furniture You Can Build Yourself

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Title : Office Furniture You Can Build Yourself
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Office Furniture You Can Build Yourself

Office Furniture You Can Build Yourself

We don’t know about you, but the office is our favourite room in the house. It’s snug, quiet and has everything we need to get on with what we love. The best thing about a great office is good, solid furniture. Is there anything better than a heavy, mahogany desk? If you’re a neat freak like us, then you’ll want everything filed and stored away correctly too. That means investing in good quality shelving, cabinets and storage units.

Or does it? Not every piece of office furniture has to cost a fortune. In fact, much of it can be built yourself. If you’ve got a free weekend and a burning desire to build things, you can make your own. Your office will be even homelier if you fill it with homemade furniture. Let’s get started and take a look at the office furniture that you can build yourself.

Desk - Building your own desk seems like a mammoth task. It will be large, heavy and powerful in the room. However, they’re actually not so difficult to build. The hardest part will be finding the perfect piece of wood for the main section. If you’re struggling with the initial design, try searching for woodworking plans for beginners. They provide detailed drawings for you to work to. That way, you’re less likely to make a big mistake and you’ll build some experience.

Chair - A chair will be a little more difficult than the desk. Although it’s smaller, it has more fiddly parts to piece together. It will also need to hold a load on a much smaller scale. This will test your intricate skills, but will be well worth it. Find a solid piece of wood for the main part of the seat, then use a saw to cut equal length legs. You’ll need to piece it all together carefully with a sturdy back support.

Shelving - We thought we’d throw a nice easy one into the mix. Shelves are super simple and easy to put up, even for the DIY novices amongst us. A shelf was the first thing we ever built in our home and we’ve never looked back! Cut the appropriate length of wood and finish it with a good sanding and varnish. Get your hands on a pair of wall brackets and drill it all together. Simple!

Storage cabinets - If you’re anything like us, you’ll have tons of documents lying around. What you need are sturdy storage cabinets to hold everything. These are simple box elements that can be put together quite easily with the right tools. The tricky part will be getting the drawers to flow smoothly. However, the right bits of equipment will work wonders here. The best thing about building these yourself is that you can create a bespoke storage unit. You can build it to fit the exact size and space of your office.

There’s nothing on this list that couldn’t be built by a beginner with a little hard work. The first step is setting your mind to it. After that it’s all about planning correctly and getting your hands on the right tools. Good luck!

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